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    C.A. Lawton

    The C.A. Lawton Co. is the premier one-stop-shop for machined iron castings up to 30,000 pounds. With a large iron casting foundry and on-site machining, C.A. Lawton customers value the benefits of procuring from a single integrated source which include reduced risks, fewer transactions, and less coordination costs. Procuring castings is often a very difficult task. We’ve been making it easier on casting buyers for more than a century. We do that in many ways – most notably by leveraging our first-rate technical and operating capabilities to deliver quality castings on-time. We build on that with a culture and set of systems and processes that enable us to understand each customer’s specific needs and deliver proactive and high-touch customer service. Beyond that, we provide seamless integration through our single manufacturing location – which offers patterns, castings, machining, painting, and assembly all at our Green Bay, Wisconsin, facility – and via our coordinating services.