Photo of Fritsch Equipment Corporation
    Fritsch Equipment Corporation

    When we first started, it was just the two of us plus one employee. Marianne was working in town as an accountant and also doing our bookwork. I was taking care of the two lines of equipment and repairing farm equipment.

    We have since grown, and have a great group of employees. We outgrew the small building we were in and built a shop in 1989, which we’ve since added onto. Fritsch Equip. Corp. now carries dozens of lines of farm-related equipment including ventilation, barn and silo equipment.

    Manufacturing has become a major part of our business. One of our products that we manufacture is the Fritsch Forage Facer. This piece of equipment is used for pulling silage down in bunker silos. Other equipment that we manufacture is a Hi-Dump Bucket so skid loaders can load quad-axle trucks, Poly Veyor, feed push-up plows, poly calf stalls and a front-mount 3-point hitch for compact tractors and utility vehicles.