Photo of Paper Transport, Inc.
    Paper Transport, Inc.

    Paper Transport, Inc. has a history of innovation and dedicated operations. Founded in 1990 in Green Bay, WI, the Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI) family has grown from one owner-operator and fleet manager to over 600 truck drivers and over 100 driver support staff. We haul paper, consumer products, and much more these days by providing trucking solutions out of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Texas. We continue dedicated and one-way service to our first customer, one of the country’s largest paper manufacturers, and have been their “Carrier of the Year” nine times. From 1990 to 2001, the company grew from their first 3 trucks to over 80 units. Servicing customers 99% on-time to the minute was the fuel for this growth. A strong effort to develop technology and customer relationships added another 120 trucks from 2002 to 2006. During that period, we opened service in Muskogee, OK; Dallas, TX; and Jacksonville FL. From 2006-today, we began an incredible journey exploring greener operations, such as investing in CNG and MPG improvements as well as converting to electronic logging systems. While servicing the customer is still at the top of our minds, it is our “What Drives You?” focus on our people and our commitment to safety that moves us toward a greater tomorrow.