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    Roehl Transport

    Roehl Transport started in 1962 with one truck. Now, with over 2,000 driving and 500 supporting teammates, we’re one of the largest trucking companies in America.

    Roehl’s long been known as a great place to get a truck driving job for all levels of experience. From innovative programs that pay drivers based on their performance to trucking jobs that get our teammates home based on schedules that work for them, Roehl’s been a leader in truck driver employment. Roehl has also partnered with OOs and independent contractors to build an attractive Owner Operator Program for truck drivers who are also small business owners – we have one of the lowest owner operator turnover rates in the business because our compensation plans, business support and fuel surcharge are among the best in the transportation industry. In fact, Owner Operators that partner with Roehl are in the top third for net income.