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    Washworld Inc

    Innovation has always been at the heart of Washworld as a company.  Washworld has consistently been on the cutting edge of car wash technology. As a company of car wash owners ourselves, Washworld fully understands the daily challenges of running a car wash business. These challenges are the inspiration for all of our technologies and are implemented for the benefit of our customers and their increased profitability. The resulting advancements have earned Washworld enthusiastic endorsements from our customers worldwide.

    If innovation is the heart of what makes Washworld unique, then world class customer service is truly the heartbeat. Washworld takes our commitment to customer satisfaction very seriously. In addition to technical support personnel being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, replacement parts are readily obtainable through our network of distributors as well as directly from Washworld. That attitude is appreciated by our customers. One car wash owner said, “I called several companies prior to choosing Washworld just to see what it would take to speak with a knowledgeable technical support person. Washworld seemed to be the best then and they have proven to be the best now. Imagine after owning your wash equipment for over one year and that you get a phone call from the manufacturer just to see how things are going.  Washworld did that…twice!” This sentiment is repeated over and over in emails, personal contact and internet forums. Washworld is proud of our reputation, even going so far as to help owners with competitor’s machines to insure that the customer is always first.