Hello, Students

Discover your passion and develop your path to a successful future!


Your Future Greater Green Bay is your local guide for exploring career options and finding the training that will lead you to attaining YOUR FUTURE career.


The process is simple. There are many resources available to help you explore your career interests, see the career in action, learn and practice the skills needed to be successful, prepare for and get help paying for college or career training options after high school and apply for your dream career.


Follow these easy steps to get connected with the local resources to help you along your journey to YOUR FUTURE.

Your Career Planning Journey


Getting to know your interests, skills, strengths and the life you want for your future is the first step!
Your school provides a number of resources to help you with this step. 


A multitude of career options and pathways can lead you to a successful future.

It is important to begin early with exploring careers, how they match your interests, life goals, and the education that will help you attain the vision you have for Your Future!

There are a number of local resources and career exploration events to help you.


Once you have identified your career interest, it is time to develop a plan to reach it! Set goals and benchmarks along the way.

1) Choose high school courses, join clubs, community programs and activities that will set you up for success.

2) Apply to college or career training program
- Obtain financial aid
- Complete practice tests

3) Apply for the career
- Write Resumes & Cover Letters
- Complete Applications
- Interview for the Job


Go! - It's time to execute your plan, but be sure to recalculate as needed if your interests or skills change along the way.