Romo Durable Graphics

Die Cutter - Second Shift -

JOB DESCRIPTION: Responsibilities for this position include: -Understanding and following procedures and processes -Understanding expectations of internal customers and suppliers -Understanding all of Romo’s production processes and how the Finishing and Printing area ties into them -Learning new equipment and technology as they come to Romo -Understand how to prepare a die for production -Read a production blueprint and a job sheet -Understand how to set up and run a job on the small format press -Understand how to set up the proper punches and square cutter -Understand the importance of performing all of the cutter task correctly and able to train and lead new employees by example -Understand how to run a thermal cut job on the large thermal die cutter -Understand and know how to run tight register and face cut jobs -Understand how to replace the steel rule in die in order to save Romo money in reruling charges -Understand the differences in running a steel rule die on the large thermal versus running a thermal die -Understand the purpose of how to emboss Skills for this position: -Job/Die Preparation -Learn what information on the blueprint is critical to die cutting and checking measurements -Operate the punch press and square cutting equipment -Set up a steel rule die in the large thermal die cutter Education Required: High School Diploma / GED Equivalent Preferred Benefits: Fitness Club Reimbursement Insurance: Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Life Insurance and Vision Insurance Leave and Holidays: Sick Leave, Vacation, Paid Holidays Retirement & Financial: 401K Plan, Profit Sharing, Flexible Spending Accounts (Dependent & Medical) Starting Pay: $10.00 plus shift premium.

Requirements of this Opportunity

Experience Required: -Entry Level – on the job training -Lead new employees through training modules, step by step -Participate in team meetings -Keep consistency throughout the job -Ability to set up proper cutting pressure and build ups -Knowing when a die can be reruled -Ability to cold emboss Desired: 2 years printing in screen printing facility Job Location: De Pere, Wisconsin Department: Printing Shift: Second Shift - 2:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. – Monday - Friday Vehicle: No vehicle requested Drivers License: Note: must have transportation Type: No Driver’s License Requested Endorsements: No endorsement Requested Age: 18 or older required Experience / Qualifications: Entry Level – On the job training. Required: Must pass pre-employment drug screening Any resumes e-mailed should be in PDF format and not password protected or they will not be accepted for consideration.
I have read and understand the requirements of this opportunity.

Student Expectations

  • Dress according to the standards of the particular site;
  • Call the site before the scheduled time if unable to attend on the appointed day;
  • Arrive at the site at the agreed upon time;
  • Follow all guidelines and policies of the site;
  • Complete any school assignments related to the job shadowing experience;
  • Complete all required paperwork (permission, medical authorizations, etc.).
I have read and understand the terms of this opportunity.